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How to Rock at Relocating


We know that relocating to another city, state or country is a daunting task. There’s nothing much worse than moving. There’s the packing, cleaning, then unpacking and more cleaning… If you prepare yourself for what is to come, you can look at it as an adventure, a new chapter in your life and tackle each hurtle with confidence.

Relocating for a job?

When relocating for a new job in a new location, employers are typically more than willing to help make your transition a smooth one. Plan ahead for your move, and utilize any relocation packages offered by your employer. If things start to get stressful, remember that the reason for your move is a positive and exciting one!

Relocating to be closer to family?

Many people move across the state or country to be closer to family. This can be an emotional and overwhelming process. While it’s unlikely a cross country relocation or a relocation three hours away will be completely stress free, there are certain tips that can help make the relocating process seem less of a monumental task. Before moving to your new city, state, or country, it’s important you know what to expect from your new community.

Fact Finding… Fact Finding Spyglass

Schools – There are many ways you can obtain information on local school districts.  One way to is by picking up the phone and calling the school district directly.  They should be able to provide you information and statistics on their district. Another way is to search online for information regarding schools  in the area you will be moving to. provides school information and parenting resources to help millions of American families choose the right school, support learning at home, and guide their children to great futures.

City Data – Another important piece of information to know about your potential new community is the crime information and data.  Even if they are very close in proximity, the data for crime can vary substantially from one city to another.  A great way to find the information on crime in a community is by contacting the local municipality and ask for statistics. You can also find some information online, but always remember to take what you read online about a city or community with a “grain of salt.” You can read the local news or local blogs to understand the vibe and learn what’s going in your new community.

Selecting a Top Notch Realtor

Depending on your situation, you may have a home that you need to sell in your current location and you may need to purchase a home in your new city and state. If you’re relocating for a new job, many companies will offer a relocation incentive.  If this is the case, you may not need to interview potential Realtors, as many relocation companies already have Top Notch Realtors handling their relocations. If you need to find a Realtor on your own, when looking for a Top Notch Realtor that will make your relocation a comfortable experience, you can ask friends and family if they recommend anyone. Also a good way to find a Realtor that you connect with is to interview several that you find. You will know which one will be best for you by asking them questions about their experience and finding out what they will do for you. If a potential Realtor is hard to get ahold of or never seems to have time to talk to you, this may make for a very frustrating experience. You will want to make sure they have your best interest from the very beginning, as this will make for an easier process for you.

Tackling the actual move

If you’re relocating for a new job, Staying Organizedask your new employer if they offer any moving services. Chances are, they may even pay for the cost of the move.  A quality moving company can help ease the stress of a move.  Worrying about your belongings arriving safely at your new destination is something you should not need to be concerned about.  A rule of thumb when packing is to determine whether or not you have used an item or worn a piece of clothing in the past year.  If not, there’s probably a good chance that you don’t need to pack and bring those items to your new home.

Final Food for Thought

Relocation can be a stressful undertaking but making sure that everyone in your family is on board with relocating can help to ease the stress from any challenges you face along the way. Doing your homework on your new city, De-cluttering as you pack for the move and staying organized will help everyone involved to feel comfortable. Relocating can be an exciting journey for you and a new chapter in your life!


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