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Home For Sale Tooele UT 77 N THIRD ST E

Home for sale in Tooele Utah.

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Living in a Home for Sale in Tooele

Why find a home for sale in Tooele Utah? Sure you could pick other places to live, but to live in Tooele Utah is a place where the quality of choice speaks for itself. This home for sale in Tooele wont disappoint your choice of quality either with; Spacious Living Area, comfortable bedroom and beautiful outdoor views. You will feel right at home in your new house in Tooele Utah.

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The Tooele Valley had no permanent settlement when Mormon pioneers entered the Great Salt Lake Valley in July 1847; it was covered with abundant tall grass. The Mormons first used the valley as wintering grounds for their herds.[6] In September 1849, three families settled on a small stream south of present Tooele City. Other families slowly joined them, and by 1853 Tooele City Corporation was organized.

During the nineteenth century, the town was primarily an agricultural community; its population was about 1,200 at the turn of the century.

Tooele Demographics 2016

  • Population: 31,605
  • Males: 15,833
  • Females: 15,772

source: Suburban Stats

Tooele Age of Homes 2016

  • 27.7% 2000 or Newer
  • 43.4% 1970-1999
  • 23.3% 1940-1969
  • 5.5% 1939 or Older

source: Neighborhood Scout

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